About Us

LytePros Is Your Trusted Partner

We are technologically advanced.

LEDs are the first true revolution in lighting – a quantitative shift in technology going from gas filled tubes to electronics. This brought in a lot of new companies to the lighting area and makes it harder for customers to find the right suppliers to find the right solution for their needs. We are an driven and passionate about finding the best solutions that provide the best quality and highest energy savings. There is no cutting corners in building high quality electronics. There are many cheaper ones out there but they are not built to last.

Over 20 years of experience with lighting installations.

Our experience dates back to 1990’s. We pride ourselves in finding the best products as well as coming up with the most economic way of installing the products that still meets all current electrical codes and standards.

We really know our products.

We travel to the factories. We check on their quality control and assembly and make sure that they meet the highest quality standards. Working directly with the manufacturers gives us best pricing and gives us the ability to customize solutions to meet your specific needs.

We use the highest quality products.

Canada and North America have some of the highest standards in the world. Our products are certified for retrofit in Canada (cUL) and carry DLC Premium or Energy Star certifications. This is important because if the products used do not meet these certification requirements there could be safety and insurance liability issues.

Everything that we do is to help our customers.

Being customer-centric is more than just offering a good product, it is our whole company culture. We put ourselves in your shoes. We want to make sure that you get maximum value for every dollar that you spend while saving you time and providing you with anything that you need to make your best informed decision. We work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs and will continue to support you in the future to ensure your long term customer satisfaction.