How Industrial LED Lighting Improves Safety and Saves Money


Most high-bay warehouses and manufacturing facilities use either high-intensity discharge (HID)
or fluorescent light fixtures, which have issues ranging from excess consumption of energy to long
warm-up time and high maintenance costs.

Good quality LED lighting has none of these issues. In addition to being highly energy-efficient,
these four lesser-known characteristics improve the overall effectiveness of LED lighting systems
to improve employee safety and productivity, and save on your utility bill:

1. LEDs are Brighter
Well designed LED lighting is able to distribute light exactly where you need it. Brighter
lights are safer and make employees more productive. LytePros LED lighting has very
high lumens per watt, making them brighter than most other brands of LED lights of the
same wattage. This brighter light allows facilities to meet WorkSafeBC requirements
without any additional costs.

2. LEDs Light up Instantly
HID lights, such as metal halide or mercury vapour, require up to 20 minutes to come up to
full brightness. This means that these lights are run for longer periods than they are needed.
Employees won’t turn them off until the end of the day because of the risk of a delay
waiting for them to warm up. LED lights are instant on, allowing them to be turned on
and off as needed resulting in lower energy usage and improved employee safety.

3. LEDs are Dimmable
Sensors and controllers can now be used cost-effectively to dim lights to 10-20%
brightness in the far aisles of the warehouse while there is no one in the area. As soon as an
employee enters the area, the control system will turn the lights go up to full brightness. In
addition to the energy savings, employee safety increases with increased occupancy
awareness in forklift zones. Dim means unoccupied, brightly lit means occupied.

4. LEDs have a 10+ year lifetime
LED lighting lasts over 10 years in 24/7 operation and up to 20 years with lower usage or
when using dimming sensors. Other lighting types may need bulb replacement every year.
Employee safety is higher with fewer burnt-out bulbs creating dark areas. Further,
maintenance burden and cost are reduced.

Energy savings up to 90% can be achieved using highly efficient LED products combined with
motion sensors and dimming controllers. Moreover, good quality LED lighting can reduce
workplace errors, increase productivity, and contribute to better employee health and wellbeing—
all while saving money for the business.

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